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​Our mission is to increase the welfare of people and their dog companions through transformative education, empathy, joy, and science based positive reinforcement training. We believe that EVERY "scallywag" dog, no matter the breed, behavior, or background, should be given a chance to live a happy and fulfilled life. The more we understand our dogs, the more we understand ourselves, create safer communities, & make the world a better place for both humans and animals to live their best life.

We specialize in helping you change the way your dog feels! We find resolutions for: Reactivity, Aggression, Fear, Anxiety, & Phobias

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Start Your Journey with a Consultation

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​We take a deep dive discussing ALL THINGS regarding your dog's behavioral health to collaboratively create a road map in alleviating maladaptive behaviors. The consult includes:

  • Discussion of your dog's physical & behavioral health
  • Your lifestyle & relationship with your dog
  • Behavioral assessment indoors & outdoors
  • Prognosis & expectations of the training
  • Education on your individual dog's body language & needs
  • Management, safety, enrichment plan, & resources to help set up for training that day
  • Suggestion for amount of sessions
  • Tailor made behavior plan emailed within 1 week of consult!
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Please provide details with your dog's name, age, and behaviors your dog is exhibiting that you would like to address.

We will get back to you shortly to set up a consultation!

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Natalie is the founder, CEO, and certified dog behavior consultant at The Scallywag Dog whose specialty is in human-animal connections. As an animal welfare scientist, she holds a MSc degree in animal behavior and welfare from University of Pennsylvania Penn Vet. She is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC)

through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA), and Fear Free Shelter certified. She was an AVMA welfare contestant in 2020 and completed Michael Shikashio's Aggression Dogs Master Course.

Always inspired by her happy-go-lucky 1 eyed rescue pup Pearl, she strives every day to be a more compassionate, patient, and educated behavior consultant to benefit both humans and animals.

Thesis at University of Pennsylvania Penn Vet Scholarly Commons:

Click: "Utilizing Cinematic Stories to Shift Fear Into Compassion Towards Pit Bull Type Breeds"

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"By the time we had our 3rd session, let's just say I cried with how far (he) had come!"

-YELP review

"We watched hours of Youtube videos and never got as much insight as a single session with Natalie."

-Yelp Review

"I am so thankful to have found Natalie! My 2.5 year old shih-tzu had recently become aggressive occasionally, which was very out of character and I didn't understand why. Natalie not only helped my pup, but she helped me understand him so much better and why he has certain triggers. We saw huge improvements in just three sessions..."

- Google Review

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"Natalie from The Scallywag Dog is AMAZING!!! My rescue dog, Teddy, went through horrible abuse before we adopted him, and is very wary of strangers and other dogs. We are working with Natalie to help socialize and walk him, and she is one of the most patient, caring people I've ever met. Teddy has come so far under her guidance and care, and I can't speak highly enough about our experiences with her. She is the best!"

-Teddy's Caretakers

"Natalie is the absolute best! She is knowledgeable, talented, and adapts her training to the needs of you and your fur baby. We weren't sure what was happening with our 2.5 year-old French Bulldog because he had started to show signs of aggression and even bit someone. Natalie came to meet us and our dog to

assess if she would be the

right fit for what he was

dealing with...and she was!"

-Google Review

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  • Deep Dive Discussion
  • Behavior Assessment
    • Prepped videos for virtual!
  • Prognosis
  • Enrichment & Management Protocols
  • Tailored PDF Behavior Plan emailed within 1 week
  • 1 email or text check-in post consult

**Additional sales tax and fees for NYC clients & out of Monmouth County Area

In-Person Consult: $225

Virtual Consult: $175

Behavior Sessions

60 min In-Person: $175

Behaviors Addressed Include:

  • Dog-Human Aggression
  • Dog-Dog Aggression
  • Reactivity
  • Resource Guarding
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Generalized Anxiety
  • Fear & Phobias
  • and more!

**Additional sales tax and fees for NYC clients & out of Monmouth County Area

We serve Monmouth County NJ & NYC area. Currently: In-person consults are only for areas 25 minutes from Atlantic Highlands NJ. All other areas will be virtual consultations. In-person sessions are applicable post in-person or virtual consult depending on area.

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Puppy Package

$550: 4x 60 min Private Sessions

Ages 8 weeks-5 months old

  • Fundamental Cues (Sit-Down),
  • Recall (Come-Touch)
  • Impulse Control & Focus
  • Name Recognition
  • Handling
  • Behavior & Socialization Education
  • Potty & Crate Training
  • Confidence Building

**Handouts & Support Included!

Fundamental Training

$150: 1x 60 min Private Session

Age: 6 months or older not exhibiting behavior concerns

After a consult, training may include:

  • Fundamental Cues(Sit, Down)
  • Recall (Come, Touch)
  • Leash Manners
  • Impulse Control (Stay, Drop It, Leave It)
  • Focus
  • Place-Work

**Handouts Included.

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Walk & Trains

$70: 45 minutes

One-on-one personal training 2x-3x a week. A great option for adding more consistency to a behavior plan, helping your dog meet new people safely, and work on fundamental training cues. Complimentary 30 minute meet & greet to get started!

*Report Cards & Handouts Included!

NJ Adventure Program!

Email us for Pricing!

Solo, Buddy, & Sibling Adventure

  • Hiking
  • Beach & Bay
  • Store & Cafe Explorations
  • Relaxation Protocol Training
  • Enrichment

**This program also helps dogs learn how to self soothe in highly stimulating environments

Now Available!

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